Does icecream affect stomach after drinking beer?

Answer Not me but some one with a sensitive stomach might get an ache. I love ice cream on fruit after getting pissed on beer.

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MY stomach hurts after drinking beer?

It is because beer is known to make people feel bloated faster than hard liquor because it contains foam hence this is where the term "beer belly" came from.

Why do I throw up after drinking beer?

Alcohol irritates the lining of your stomach. Your body's natural response is to throw up to try and get rid of the alcohol before it can damage the stomach any more. You should always have somethi... Read More »

Would a toddler die after drinking 1 beer?

Ha ^I should think not.there was a story in the news a while back where 2 parents took their 1 year old son to Frankie & Bennies restaurant and ordered him a lemonade, and after he'd drunk most of ... Read More »

How long after drinking 1 beer can I take Advil or tylenol?

After only one beer it shouldn't really matter. Since its been 4 or 5 hours the alcohol will already be out of your system anyway.