Does iTunes keep files if your hard drive is wiped?

Answer Yes and No. Anything that you purchased from the itunes store can be re-downloaded for free once signed in with your Apple ID. Anything you added yourself liek music from CDs, or downloaded video... Read More »

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I'm trying to add my music files into itunes with a new laptop from an external hard drive. ?

Update Itunes, drag the music folder into itunes and drop it. Viola

Have you ever wiped your hard drive Was it worth it?

I dont know that this has anything to do with anything, but my nerd tech geek friend gave me this program that goes through some junk and does something, to get rid of all the crap on here.

How can I get my music onto iTunes from one hard drive to another?

The easiest way is to open iTunes, and do an add to Libraryyou can add individual files, or you can Add entire folders at a time. This would work if you have the music in a few identifiable folders... Read More »

Storm wiped out my itunes Need help please!?

1.Plug IPod In2.It should ask Can it sync click yes 3.When it syncs your music is supposed to go onto your iTunes when syncing