Does iPhone 4 have free text between iphones?

Answer Yes if it is running iOS 5 and the other iPHone is running iOS 5.

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Does the app text now for iphone 4 let you text for free?

Yes you can text on the ipod touch 4. You need wifi and you have to download the app "Textnow" and you can text

Does iPhone 4s have free text message?

There's an iMessage feature, with which you may send free "text messages" (I prefer to call this type of communication "instant messaging") to anyone else with an iPhone 4S. In terms of text messag... Read More »

Can iPhones have text signatures?

Yes, iPhones can have text signatures.

How is the iPhone 4 different and better than the previous iPhones?

That's an opinion. I think yes. ----No, specially today iPhone 4s is out. Check the review at the sources link