Does hypertension happen during heart contraction?

Answer On One Hand: Hypertension Does Not FluctuateHypertension is a consistent elevation of systemic arterial blood pressure, according to the book "Understanding Pathophysiology, Second Edition," by Sue... Read More »

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How does hypertension cause heart attack?

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, does not directly cause heart attacks, but is a major risk factor for their occurrence. Over time, hypertension can damage the arteries feeding the heart muscl... Read More »

During the active phase of labor 4-5 Cm the patient who is using lamaze should be encourage to use which of the following technique during a contraction?

Why Is Hypertension Hard on the Heart?

According to the American Heart Association, about 74.5 million people have high blood pressure. Of those, nearly 78 percent were aware of their condition. If it's not controlled, it can lead to se... Read More »

Is the contraction of the heart directly controlled by the brain?

No. One of the unique characteristics of cardiac muscle tissue is it has automaticity, meaning that the muscles contract without needing an external stimulus. That's why a heart continues to beat f... Read More »