Does hypertension cause nosebleeds?

Answer On One Hand: Blood PressureAccording to the Mayo Clinic, nosebleeds may be caused by increase in blood pressure, commonly known as hypertension. The small capillaries on the inner side of the nose ... Read More »

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Does high blood pressure cause nosebleeds?

On One Hand: Nosebleeds Stem from StressIn middle-aged adults nosebleeds can stem from high blood pressure. When a person starts coughing up blood or having frequent nosebleeds they should call the... Read More »

Does renal disease cause hypertension?

On One Hand: Kidney Disease Can Cause HypertensionSeveral forms of kidney (renal) disease can cause hypertension (high blood pressure). These include kidney inflammation, kidney failure and a narro... Read More »

How does hypertension cause heart attack?

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, does not directly cause heart attacks, but is a major risk factor for their occurrence. Over time, hypertension can damage the arteries feeding the heart muscl... Read More »

Does portal hypertension cause lethargy?

Portal hypertension is a condition in which the vein connecting the liver and digestive organs has increased pressure due to the inability of blood to efficiently pass through the liver. People ca... Read More »