Does hydroxycut contain ephedra?

Answer Hydroxycut products did contain ephedra before April 2004, when the FDA banned all supplements containing the ingredient from the U.S. market. Ephedra comes from a Chinese plant also known as "ma h... Read More »

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Where to buy ephedra plants?

you wont get ephedra plants as such but you can get ma-hung extract in many diet pills. other than that if you are planning for weight loss with ephedrine we get pharmaceutical grade of ephedrine ... Read More »

How much ephedra did Metabolife 356 contain?

One tablet of Metabolife 356 contained 12 mg of ephedra. Products that contained ephedra were banned beginning in 2004, and Metabolife 356, which was made by Metabolife, has not been produced since... Read More »

How much ephedra did Xenadrine have?

Xenadrine RFA-1 contains 335 milligrams of Ma Huang, the Chinese word for ephedra. This is equal to 20 milligrams of Ephedrine, the component derived from ephedra plants for use in diet pills.Refer... Read More »

Does ephedra cause hair loss?

On One Hand: It's a Weight Loss PillHair loss is a side effect typically associated with hormone-influencing supplements such as DHEA. Ephedra, also known as ma huang, was used in traditional Chine... Read More »