Does hydrogen power pollute?

Answer On One Hand: Hydrogen power is renewable and cleanAccording to an FAQ document by the Breakthrough Technologies Institute, hydrogen power is not only a renewable source of power, but it generates e... Read More »

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What does a hydrogen bomb use for its explosive power?

Nuclear bombs are based on the fact that neutrons release energy when they are knocked away from the nucleus of an atom--a process called fission. With the right material and under the right condit... Read More »

Does candle burning pollute indoor air?

South Carolina State University researchers discovered in 2009 that paraffin-based candles emit toxic chemicals such as benzene and toluene into the air. The researchers also concluded that the saf... Read More »

How Does Vehicle Exhaust Pollute the Land?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, cars are the largest contributor to air pollution on the planet. (See Reference 1) Every time you start your car's engine, that vehicle releases po... Read More »

Is hydrogen power renewable?

Hydrogen fuel is renewable, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Hydrogen does not readily occur on Earth in elemental form, however, because it weighs less than air. Thus, we g... Read More »