Does hydrogen electrolyzer work?

Answer On One Hand: Hydrogen Electrolyzers WorkHydrogen electrolyzers do work. Through a process of applying electricity to water via two electrically charged leads, one negative and one positive, water i... Read More »

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How does a hydrogen bomb work?

According to the Global Security website's weapons of mass destruction information the hydrogen bomb uses a process called nuclear fusion. The hydrogen bomb differs form the atomic bomb, which requ... Read More »

Does hydrogen really work in cars?

On One Hand: Hydrogen Cars Do WorkA number of major automobile manufacturers have tested hydrogen fuel cell technology. There are some limited real-world tests going on in selected markets. Hydrog... Read More »

Does the hydrogen generator really work?

On One Hand: Hydrogen Generators are a Brilliant IdeaMany types of hydrogen generators exist, including those made to run or help run automobiles and those made to help with household energy needs.... Read More »

Does hydrogen fuel injection really work?

On One Hand: It Seems to Work in the Real WorldDespite popular hype, hydrogen fuel injection (HFI) doesn't allow a car to burn water. An HFI module breaks water down into hydrogen and oxygen, then ... Read More »