Does hydrocodone apap 5.500 make people sleepy?

Answer Hydrocodone is a narcotic, and drowsiness is a side effect at any dosage. Hydrocodone is typically mixed with other drugs to form medicines, most commonly mixed with acetaminophen to form Vicodin, ... Read More »

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What is Hydrocodone/APAP 10/325 Tabs?

That's good Jessica - the answer to the question about drugs is go online to find a date! Brilliant!! :)...My doctor has me on that, and tells me it's Vicodin. I was on Lortabs, 10/500

What is hydrocodone apap used for?

Hydrocodone APAP is a prescription drug used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It is also included in some prescription cough syrups as a cough suppressant. The drug is a combination of narcotic ... Read More »

My Doc prescribed hydrocodone-APAP for pain. I am sacred. Should I take it?

I had a pap last month. It came back normal. Hope yours does too.

Does Relacore make you sleepy?

On One Hand: Relacore's makers do not report any side effects.Relacore contains a proprietary blend that its makers claims will ease stress, leading the body to produce less cortisol, a hormone tha... Read More »