Does hummus need refrigerated?

Answer yes it should be kept cold

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Does bee pollen need to be refrigerated?

If left unrefrigerated, fresh honey bee pollen will ferment in about a day, destroying some of its vital properties. However, if honey bee pollen is dehydrated or treated with a preservative soon a... Read More »

Does coconut oil need to be refrigerated?

It is not necessary to refrigerate coconut oil, although it can be refrigerated if desired. It is recommended, however, that coconut oil be stored out of direct sunlight for best results.Source:Tro... Read More »

Does keg beer need to be refrigerated?

In the U.S., most keg draft beer is not pasteurized. Therefore, it should be kept refrigerated at a temperature of 38 degrees F, reports Non-pasteurized draft beer may turn sour and... Read More »

Does tahini need to be refrigerated?

Tahini and sesame paste are a paste of ground sesame seeds that can be eaten uncooked, or, alternatively, used in cooking.It is a key ingredient in dishes such as hummus, various Asian dishes, halv... Read More »