Does honey help fight the flu?

Answer On One Hand: Honey helps with throat irritation and coughingAccording to the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, buckwheat honey does in fact reduce the amount of coughing someone suffer... Read More »

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Does honey help with allergies?

According to Pioneer Thinking, honey can be used to bolster your immune system and help prevent pollen allergies. Just remember, honey works best if you consume locally produced honey. Your resista... Read More »

Does honey help cold sores?

Does lemon water and honey help you sing better?

Lemon and honey cannot make a healthy singer sing better. However, the two ingredients, usually combined in a tea or syrup with hot water, are a traditional remedy for a sore or strained throat. So... Read More »

How does a honey face mask help your skin?

Honey is a natural "humectant" which means it attracts and retains moisture. When used in skin treatments, honey's humectant qualities keep your skin moist, soft and elastic - helping it stay young... Read More »