Does home insurance cover termite damage?

Answer On One Hand: Termites Are Your ResponsibilityHome insurance generally does not cover termite damage. explains that termites are considered to be a maintenance issue, which is the respo... Read More »

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Does homeowner's insurance cover termite damage?

Homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage since it is not a sudden loss, but rather a maintenance issue. Termites are considered a pest such as rodents or ants, which means that it is the ... Read More »

Is there an insurance company that a pest control company can use to cover termite damage on their contracts?

AnswerI have not heard of any such company, because the liability would be far too high. But it could very well exist, but I have been in the business for 10 years now and have never heard of such... Read More »

Does renters insurance cover hail damage to the roof of my obile home?

Renters insurance is similar to condo insurance. It typically covers the personal contents inside but there is the option to obtain dwelling coverage to protect the structure of the items that are ... Read More »

If your dog is hit by a car does your home insurance cover the damage do to the car?

No, it does not. That is why there are different policies called "home insurance" and "vehicle insurance".(The answer above is not entirely true. The homeowner insurance "liability portion" may pay... Read More »