Does history show up on the hard drive?

Answer you should be fine, unless he boots off of it and goes to the browser, the tmp files are most likely unreadable to anything accept the browser.

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How do I erase hard drive history?

Choose a ProgramDownload or purchase hard drive cleaner software. Many programs are available. Some of the most popular are Privacy Control, Evidence Eraser, WinClear and Evidence Smart. Many of th... Read More »

How to Search a Hard Drive's History?

Every hard drive stores a copy of the history of what has been conducted on it in a hidden file called the index.dat file. Even when you delete Internet history, it's not really completely gone fro... Read More »

How to Delete Search History From Hard Drive?

Clearing your Internet search history from your computer's hard drive is a good way to cover your tracks and keep your browsing habits and personal and financial information private. The best metho... Read More »

How do I remove Internet history on a hard drive?

Using Disk Cleanup in All Versions of WindowsDouble-click on the "My Computer" or "Computer" icon, right-click the drive where Internet files are stored (usually the primary disk drive), and then c... Read More »