Does high-speed Internet keep a phone line busy?

Answer A high-speed Internet service will never tie up a phone line or make it appear busy. High-speed connections include cable, satellite, wireless, and DSL. Unlike dial-up, which uses the phone line to... Read More »

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How do I get high-speed Internet without a phone line?

Available OptionsCheck to see what Internet service options are available in your area by inquiring with your satellite or cable television provider. Companies such Comcast and AT&T, which offer c... Read More »

Can you receive high-speed Internet without a phone line in Wisconsin?

Your options for high-speed Internet in Wisconsin will depend on where you're located in the state. DSL is delivered through phone lines, but you may no longer need to have phone service to get DSL... Read More »

How do I test phone line speed for Internet connections?

Testing the speed of your Internet connection can be very important. Your Internet provider may be promising a specific broadband speed and you may want to know if they are living up to their end o... Read More »

Witch High speed internet should I keep?

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