Does herpes cause cervical cancer?

Answer On One Hand: No Known LinkAccording to Dr. Jennifer Shu at CNN Health, herpes is not known to be linked to any forms of cancer, including cervical cancer. This information holds true, even if outbr... Read More »

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How does someone contract cervical cancer?

They are saying now that cervical cancer is caused by the HPA (Human Papiloma Virus) it's an STD I believe.I might be wrong about that part.

Does Herpes cause frequent urination?

Frequent urination is one of the symptoms of genital herpes. Herpes might also make it painful to urinate. Although herpes may cause frequent urination, it does not cause an increase in the amount ... Read More »

Does the third cervical cancer jab hurt please answer?

It is an HPV vaccine NOT a cervical cancer jab.Like any other injection it depends on who is giving it.

Does bacterial vaginosis cause herpes if untreated?

On One Hand: Bacteria and VirusesBy itself, untreated bacterial vaginosis will not cause herpes. Herpes is a virus, while bacterial vaginosis is an infection caused by an imbalance of bacteria in t... Read More »