Does herbal tea reduces cholesterol and weight Your experience please?

Answer Yes, it does. But it must be taken in the morning before breakfast and in the evening after supper. It also has a great role in easy and complete digestion of food.

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What is the molecular weight of cholesterol?

Cholesterol's molecular weight is 386.65354 g/mol. The molecular weight of a compound is determined by adding up the molecular weight of the elements composing the compound. Cholesterol is C27H46O,... Read More »

What are herbal weight loss supplements?

The phrase "herbal weight loss supplements" is a catch-all term for dietary supplements, usually pills or tea, containing ingredients like ephedra, bitter orange, green tea extract and hoodia. They... Read More »

How to Lower Cholesterol and Lose Weight?

Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wished of a better you? Well in this article there are a few ways to lower your cholesterol and lose weight.

Im 19yrs old, im thin and my weight is 45 and my hieght 160cm and my cholesterol is 227,is it really bad?

If you were 45 lbs, I would think you'd be dead