Does herbal tea have the same antioxidants as green or black tea?

Answer Not usually. Green tea and black tea (the "true" teas) contain. among other components, polyphenols, which are powerful anti-oxidants. Herbal "teas" or infusions contain extractives from whatever p... Read More »

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Does cold green tea have the same benefits as hot green tea?

On One Hand: Differences in Hot and Cold Green TeaHot green tea is usually fresher than cold tea, and so it contains more anti-oxidants that help repair oxidant damage to the body and prevent condi... Read More »

Are black teas and herbal leaves prepared the same way?

Makes no difference.You're just extracting it's oils and vitamins by seeping it.Morning, love...

Do green&black olives grow on the same tree?

Green and black olives do grow on the same tree, because the colors correspond to the degree of the fruit's ripeness. Unripe olives are green. They mature to a deep purple or black color as they ri... Read More »

What are the benefits of green tea antioxidants?

Green tea has long been touted as an all-around healthy beverage choice, often because of the powerful antioxidants it contains, which have a number of different beneficial effects.ProcessingGreen ... Read More »