Does heaven have LCDs or CRTs?

Answer In heaven everything will be projected upon a vast golden canvass, using lithium pixie dust, and extreme quantities of LSD. you're Netflix queue will remain valid, but it'll take more than one busi... Read More »

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Do Samsung HDTV LCDs have a PIP feature?

As of 2010, Samsung has nine LCD televisions in production with picture-in-picture, ranging in price from the $899.99 for a 40-inch LN40C630 to the $2,499.99, 60-inch LN60C630. Television specifica... Read More »

Why do people still buy LCDs even though they have HORRIBLE MOTION BLUR?

Plasma prouder BEST Pictures Quality. best in Dark Colour .0 response time. that LCD even LED display cant compare ,LCD response time 0.4 ms is the best now ,with 120/200 HZ scan look better , but ... Read More »

How to Balance the CRTS on My TV?

Cathode ray tubes, or CRTs, are the projection devices that shine images on the back of your rear projection set's screen. These tubes become misaligned over time, due to normal vibration. Occasion... Read More »

Who makes Proscan lcds?

Owned by RCA, check it out on Wikipedia