Does heat take away pain?

Answer Ice is best for the knee, it protects it from futher damage and takes away the pain, and lets it heal. Heat can help only if a muscle is tight but normally on a knee if its hurting you have pulled ... Read More »

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Which takes the pain away faster Ice or Heat?

Ice and heat can both be used to ease muscle pain. But ice and heat have different affects on the body and are better suited for specific situations.When ice is applied to the skin it causes the b... Read More »

What is better for lower back pain, ice or heat?

Truly it is whatever gives you the most comfort. You will get different answers from different Doctors, specialists & therapists. Ice is the normally course of treatment immediately after an injury... Read More »

Do you need heat or cold to relieve pain from arthritis?

On One Hand: Either Method Can Provide ReliefEither heat or cold treatments can help relieve arthritis pain and associated stiffness, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Cold achieves its effect... Read More »

Do you use heat or cold for tooth extraction pain?

After having a tooth extracted (or pulled as it's colloquially known), you should first use cold and then heat. Apply an ice pack or cold compress of some kind to the area to relieve swelling durin... Read More »