Does heat shrink clothes?

Answer Heat can shrink clothes. Delicates are especially sensitive to heat in the wash cycle, and all materials are vulnerable to high heat in the dryer. It is important to sort clothes properly by color ... Read More »

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Does it save energy to dry clothes at low heat?

It does save energy when clothes are dried on a low heat setting, provided the thermostat in your home isn't set at a lower temperature when your furnace is in use. However, your clothes will alway... Read More »

How to Use Excess Heat From Clothes Dryer to Heat Spaces?

Every dryer in the drying cycle puts out a lot of heat. However, most of it gets lost as it gets ventilated outside. Although the dryer is certainly performing a function while it is drying your cl... Read More »

How to Heat Shrink Steel?

When steel becomes stretched out or badly dented, it can be difficult to help it regain its former thickness and shape. Luckily, steel can be heated to the point where the molecules within it reali... Read More »

How to Shrink Clothes in the Wash?

Do you have a t-shirt or pair of jeans that are too big?