Does hdtvs stand for HD Televisions?

Answer HDTV stands for high definition television, which means that the quality of the picture coming from the television is of better quality than a regular standard television.

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Question on HDTVs. What is EPG and DMA stand for in TV industry Which HDTV is better (details inside)?

follow theses links. they should wxplain everything. hope they help!

How much more expensive were hdtvs then sdtvs when hdtvs were introduced?

What does"CRT"stand for in CRT televisions?

According to the website, CRT is an abbreviation for "cathode ray tube", which is the large tube used in traditional televisions. The cathode is a filament inside the tube that emits ... Read More »

What does the"CRT"in CRT televisions stand for?

CRT is an acronym often found when shopping for televisions or computer monitors. CRT stands for cathode-ray tube, which is the type of technology used to display pictures on the screen. CRT techno... Read More »