Does hazard insurance in AZ cover swimming pool accidents for rental property?

Answer Answer The best answer to this is to read your policy. I would imagine that some policies would and others wouldn't. It will also depend on what happened and to whom.

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Does homeowner insurance cover swimming pool accidents?

Answer yes. make sure you mention this to your agent and it's noted in your coverage

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to an inground swimming pool caused when a windstorm lifted the pool cover and debris ripped the liner?

Answer If the policy specifically covers the pool, yes. If there is no specific mention of the pool in any of the insurance coverage papers, no. Answer I don't think that there needs to be specific... Read More »

Does renters insurance cover a swimming pool in back yard?

You play softball and hit a ball back at that pitcher putting him in the hospital. The pitcher sues you. The insurance company defends you and settles the suit. You put a pizza in the oven, forget... Read More »

Will Renters' Liability Insurance Cover an Above Ground Swimming Pool?

To protect yourself from the financial risk of a hazardous event, you can purchase a renters' liability insurance policy if you rent your home. Renters' liability insurance applies to apartments an... Read More »