Does having wisdom teeth pulled hurt like a MO FO ?

Answer nope

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Does it hurt getting wisdom teeth pulled?

I think some of the other answerers are trying to scare the bajeesus out of you. I had four wisdom teeth removed before they came in--all in one appointment. The dentist cut open the gums, sawed ... Read More »

How bad does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth pulled?

I got braces before I had my wisdom teeth pulled.. but anyways, if you get put under to get them out, the pain is nothing during the surgery. they told me to count up, I got to 16 cause I was speed... Read More »

I am terrified of the dentist and need my wisdom teeth pulled. How bad does it really hurt?

It was actually quite enjoyable for me (I know that sounds WEIRD...) and I even had 2 impacted teeth - which supposedly hurt the most. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed in one appointment. They put ... Read More »

Can I drink water after having my wisdom teeth pulled out?

Take the pain killers now, it will give you some relief after the numbness goes away, if you don't you'll be sorry you didn't. Because it will HURT. Bad. Drink the water slowly if you're thirsty.