Does having one tablet of aspirin everyday after the age of 40 help avoiding a heart attack Doesn't it make?

Answer Aspirin can help some people avoid heart attacks because it helps thin the blood and so far the research has been good news and the body doesn't become immune to those effects however the body may ... Read More »

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Is it safe to take an aspirin everyday for heart health if you have heart problems?

The instructions that the hospital gave me when they released me said "Avoid all ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES." which means no aspirin. Apparently aspirin can cause some serious problems for some heart pat... Read More »

If you give a person aspirin, as soon as you suspect he is having a heart attack/stroke, can it save his life?

If some one is having a heart attack giving them an aspirin will reduce the severity of the heart attack by keeping the clot that is causing it from getting worse. If they are having a stroke it c... Read More »

If a person has a heart attack while driving a car and subsequently dies in an auto accident if death is caused by the accident and not the heart attack will an Accidental Death Insurance policy pay?

Answer If in fact the accident was the cause of death, yes. You would need a death certificate indicating the actual cause of death when you file your claim. 4lifeguild (never buy an accident polic... Read More »

What is the difference between a massive heart attack & a heart attack?

As discussed above, a heart attack is a process where an artery feeding the heart muscle with oxygenated blood becomes blocked or is obstructed, to the point where "infarction" occurs. Infarction ... Read More »