Does having l2 cache affect game play performance for gaming?

Answer Yes, L2 cache and circuit density and efficiency counts a lot.Since gaming cannot use more than 4 cores, and FX-6100 is clocked lower than FX-4100, the FX-4100 will generally outperform FX-6100 . G... Read More »

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In a gaming PC does a motherboard impact on performance.?

Yes but nothing you will ever notice unless you buy a high end gaming motherboard if I were you I would focus more on a reliable motherboard like gigabyte,asus, or msi.

Does the cost of 3D TV affect its performance?

Most of us believe this quote, "the more you pay, the more you get." Most reviews also reviewed those expensive 3D TVs and rated them whether they're good or bad. However, we, as the customers, mus... Read More »

Does motherboard model affect the gaming?

motherboard does not affect gaming performance.your gaming performance is determined by graphics card,cpu and card is the most important component for gaming.even more than your proces... Read More »

Does dust affect my PC's performance?

Dust can affect the performance of your computer. You should clean it out regularly, about every couple of months. Dust can make parts stop working or block the airflow that your computer needs.