Does having l2 cache affect game play performance for gaming?

Answer Yes, L2 cache and circuit density and efficiency counts a lot.Since gaming cannot use more than 4 cores, and FX-6100 is clocked lower than FX-4100, the FX-4100 will generally outperform FX-6100 . G... Read More »

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What will boost my gaming performance more?

Very Much Inclined to agree with the doctor you need the extra 4-gig of Ram to run with what you have already got 4 gig is not enough you need to have 8 gig I am anticipating that your running wind... Read More »

I want to increase gaming performance on my laptop, what should I buy?

Well it sounds like your CPU is on the low end and your GFX card is not posted (But I notice it is usually the crappiest HW component because people tend to not look at GFX card performance when th... Read More »

How to Maximize Computer Performance for Gaming?

Computer games are demanding, resource-intensive programs that put considerable strain on a computer's internal components. In general, the processor, RAM (memory) and graphics accelerator (or vide... Read More »

In a gaming PC does a motherboard impact on performance.?

Yes but nothing you will ever notice unless you buy a high end gaming motherboard if I were you I would focus more on a reliable motherboard like gigabyte,asus, or msi.