Does having frequent sex before and after ovulation affect conception?

Answer No, it would not affect conception, but above all things acknowledge God who is the giver of Children.

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At what point of the painful ovulation is intercourse best for conception before the pain during the pain or shortly after the pain?

Answer Pain during ovulatory times can come before while the follicle is filling with fluid, during while the follicle is actually rupturing to release the egg, or following due to the formation of... Read More »

Could you be pregnant after having sex 5 weeks after having a baby but 2 days before period?

Yes you can. My husband and his brother are 11 months apart. I am not really sure what you mean by 2 days before your period but if you started bleeding 2 days after having sex it may not be a peri... Read More »

If you were pregnant would you be having hot flashes 4 days after conception?

Answer YES!!! I did the day after, and it kept up for weeks, your temp may be up a bit as well.

Can ovulation be detected if conception has occurred?

You can have your blood taken while you are pregnant. Sometimes they use a needle to remove fluids from your belly. This usually doesn't harm the baby.