Does having braces stretch out your lips?

Answer i still have the braces now! but no..i have not heard of that before!!and i did not notice that at all! in contrary ur lips afterward will looks good,,coz most of the cases the improper teeth used ... Read More »

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Will my mouth/lips tear if someone stretch it too hard?

I doubt that your lips would tear from being opened wide so the dentist cleaned your teeth. If your lips are dry or sunburned they might have cracks that might feel like they are being torn . I... Read More »

What is the actual purpose of lipstick Is it for making your lips look more like the lips of a happy vagina?

If it helps any, you could try to picture Mick Jagger and the Stones tongue logo next time she's telling you about the weather and how hot she's been feeling lately.Apropos of nothing, I'm currentl... Read More »

Does the soft lips chap stick make your lips softer?

i have used it! soft lips is GREAT! it does make your lips super soft. only downside is when you stop using it your lips arent as soft. my favorite chapsticks are the ones that are medicated. they ... Read More »

How do I stretch a shirt to as big as it can possibly stretch to without ripping?

Sit down with the shirt on and tuck your knees into the shirt too. Then push out with your knees and stay like that for a minute or two. Then put it on backwards and do the same.