Does having braces change your jaw/face shape?

Answer It made mu cheeks look cubbier but it didnt change the shape of my jaw, my cheeks got slimmer a week after I got my braces off

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What, in braces, causes your teeth to change shape?

Yes, it does but the brackets are placed specially on the tooth by the orthodontist so that when the wire is placed the brackets cause it to move.

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If you are squinting, it is because your eyes are straining to see clearly. It will not make your eyes worse, but the eyestrain will cause headaches and the constant squinting will cause wrinkles... Read More »

Does having braces stretch out your lips?

i still have the braces now! but no..i have not heard of that before!!and i did not notice that at all! in contrary ur lips afterward will looks good,,coz most of the cases the improper teeth used ... Read More »

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