Does having an incense stick burning in my room causes health problems?

Answer Some researchers have begun to suspect that incense burning may pose some health concerns. Because incense is a slow burn, many believe that it gives off a lot of chemicals such as carbon monoxide,... Read More »

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Doctors - Up to what extent one can stick with Home remedies for health related problems ....?

Home remedies are gaining popularity? Not really. In reality they can be a step backwards - medical science makes amazing advances everyday. Home remedies should only be considered for self limiti... Read More »

Burning incense properly?

Try it with a different brand and see if there is a difference, I use incense sticks and light them the same way as you do, I don't usually have any problems...

What is the Purpose of Burning Incense while Meditating?

it allows and forces you to breathe deeper (which is the key in mediation) it helps you focus more, and the scents used (such as frankincense) are very magical and helpful in feeling 'whole' or wha... Read More »

How to Buy Stick Incense?

Incense are wonderful and relaxing, and a great way to fragrance your home.