Does having a very high pain tolerance help to endure more injury?

Answer The guy with a really high pain tolerance will last the longest.

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I lost my mucus plug a week ago dilated 1cm I have continuous sharp contractions when walking but I have a high pain tolerance so I'm not exactly sure if I'm having them while sitting lots of pressure?

Answer: Call your doctor and ask, no matter the time of day or night. They are best qualified to answer your question, and will give you an idea of what you should do next.

How do u know if you have a low or high pain tolerance?

If you report things being painful that other people don't, then you have a low pain tolerance, and vice versa.There is no accepted official definition of pain tolerance. Pain is a subjective expe... Read More »

Is pain & numbness from a pinched nerve a sign that injury is more severe than just same intensity pain alone?

I don't know where your injury is, but, for instance if you have a pain down the back of your leg, you could have sciatica, where a nerve in your lower back is being pinched. That is the pain and t... Read More »

Brain Injury and Alcohol Tolerance?

Brain injuries are tricky. Strictly speaking, the build-up of alcohol in your blood stream and how well it is metabolized by your liver should not be affected at all. For example, if you have a one... Read More »