Does having a sex During period will cause a disease?

Answer u will find most people prefer not to have sex on a period cos its a personnal thing but those who do its perfectly safe no diseases what so ever but u can still get pregnant!!

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How long does the incubation period for disease last?

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Lyme Disease Gestation Period in Dogs?

Most dogs love being outside. Yet while it may enjoy daily walking and playtime in the yard or park, the risk of an infected tick biting the dog increases the more often it's outside. Understanding... Read More »

Is it safe to have sex without a condom during her period even when we're both disease free?

No, it's never safe without a condom, there is always a chance of getting pregnant

What disease or disorder would cause kicking in stomach after getting light period for 5 months and test negative?

Answer It is most likely gas... but there is a disorder where a woman can have every sign of being pregnant except be pregnant.... If I were you I would go get a blood test that will put your mind... Read More »