Does having a pacemaker make you eligible for disability?

Answer A doctor (preferrably the on who did the pacemaker surgury) is the only person that can make a determination that you are partially, or temporarily, or permanently disabled.

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Does having a pacemaker make you uninsurable for medical insurance?

%DETAILS% Answer Yes, in the state of Tennessee it does. I have been denied by all independent agencies, and by TennCare, too. They all say I am uninsurable even though I have lifetime coverage on ... Read More »

Does having QAM capability on a digital converter box make it not eligible for gov't coupon?

Though the language does not explicitly prohibit a QAM tuner in a CECB it is clearly prohibited by inference…DEFICIT REDUCTION ACT OF 2005(Short title: “Digital Television Transition and Public... Read More »

Will having type 1 diabetes make one eligible for state benefit?

Only if it prevents you from working full time

Who is eligible for disability?

people with permanent physical and/or brain injuries The disability must be permanent and total.