Does having a higher ram can result into faster graphics?

Answer Problem lies with your statement. Since you mention the word graphics, unless you are using an onboard GPU, more ram doesn't do anything for the GPU itself. On the other hand, more ram does impro... Read More »

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Does having Crohn's disease when pregnant usually result in a premature birth?

NO, absolutely not. With regular prenatal care, predominantly for nutritional support and close fetal monitoring a pregnant Crohns patient should experience a normal pregnancy. Supplementation with... Read More »

Does having been diagnosed with Huntington's disease at conception bring a higher risk to children?

On One Hand: Chances of InheritanceHuntington's disease is an inherited disorder caused by a gene mutation. If either parent has the mutation, the chance that their offspring will inherit the condi... Read More »

Is having a wireless N router faster than having an ethernet connection or the opposite?

An N wireless router can transfer data up to 480 mbps. If any distance from the signal, shared with other computers, etc, and you will not get that speed - but it CAN get up to that 480.Most ethern... Read More »

How to Jump 6 to 12 Inches Higher and Run Faster?

These exercises will increase your vertical jump every month from 3 to 5 inches. It will also increase your running ability as well.