Does having a higher ram can result into faster graphics?

Answer Problem lies with your statement. Since you mention the word graphics, unless you are using an onboard GPU, more ram doesn't do anything for the GPU itself. On the other hand, more ram does impro... Read More »

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If you hook up your laptop to your tv, can you run higher quality graphics?

No as you are still running the TV through your graphics card.

How to Jump 6 to 12 Inches Higher and Run Faster?

These exercises will increase your vertical jump every month from 3 to 5 inches. It will also increase your running ability as well.

Do people with higher metabolisms heal faster?

It only makes since to me that people with high metabolism would regenerate faster thus recover better and quicker. Good question and I believe you deserve a gold star.I will check back to see if ... Read More »

What is faster lower or higher turn RC motors?

Which remote control? A number of outfits post online different codes for different remotes for different sets. (Hope that made sense.) Try programming the remote to operate another set other than ... Read More »