Does having a bigger battery hurt your car?

Answer On One Hand: Get More Cranking PowerA more powerful automobile battery will give you more cranking power, which can be especially helpful during cold weather. You will also benefit from greater res... Read More »

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Does using a 1700mAh battery pack to replace a 720 mAh battery pack hurt the camcorder in any way?

Answer NO, it will simply last longer before depletion.don't be worry, it's normal, but you'd better check the voltage and the technology, both of them need to be the same.

Will Trickle Charging Hurt a Battery?

Trickle charging, a method of applying a low amperage charge to a battery over a long period of time, can keep a battery from dying when it's not in use. Trickle charging for too long, though, can ... Read More »

Why is a 6 volt battery bigger than a 9 volt battery?

The fact that 6-volt batteries are so much bigger than 9-volt batteries seems a bit counter-intuitive, but it makes sense when you look at how that electricity is used. It all depends on the applic... Read More »

Why does my tummy get bigger & bigger even thou I ceased eating rice at night?

try to eat less fatty foods and oily foodsdo exerisicedo yoga