Does having a balance over the limit affect a fica score?

Answer On One Hand: Over-Limit Balances HurtBeing over your credit limit will hurt your FICO score. Thirty percent of the FICO score considers your level of debt, which includes the amount of available cr... Read More »

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Does going over a credit limit affect a credit score?

Yes. Going over your credit limit can lower your credit score because it increases the amount you owe. Credit-scoring formulas reward low balances with higher scores and penalize people who carry h... Read More »

FICA Score Information?

When it comes to credit scores, the one you may be the most familiar with is the FICO score. The Fair Isaac Corporation developed this score, and it is currently the most widely used credit scoring... Read More »

What is the highest FICA score on TransUnion?

All three credit bureaus provide lenders with your FICO credit score, which ranges from 300 to 850 points. TransUnion also provides consumers with a VantageScore, which tops out at 990 points and w... Read More »

What is the highest FICA score from TransUnion?

The highest FICO score given by any credit reporting agency, including TransUnion, is 850. The lowest possible score is 300. Most lenders consider scores above 700 to be indicative of financial wel... Read More »