Does having a baby hurt when you are 11?

Answer It hurts no matter what age you are, but all women experience a different level of pain during childbirth. There are a lot of different pain relief options available

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Does having a baby hurt?

The contractions is what hurts the most according to what women say but prepare yourself is the best thing. Talk to your midwife and go through all the options of dealing with the pain. It's good t... Read More »

Does it hurt when a mother is giving birth to a baby?

Yes IT hurts a lot but it's a pain that's worth it because you have a baby to love at the end of it! You soon forget the pain otherwise mothers would only have one child.

Does it do damage to the baby when you're 3 months pregnant and get hit or hurt?

Answer That's a difficult question to answer 100 percent accurately. Generally speaking the unborn child is protected by amniotic fluid which protects the child from harm. However some women have b... Read More »

What does the man do when the woman is having a baby?

I have five kids. I don't belong to any type of religion or belief, birth control just doesn't work so well. I have always been in the room holding her hand and one knee along with the nurses and d... Read More »