Does having a baby hurt?

Answer The contractions is what hurts the most according to what women say but prepare yourself is the best thing. Talk to your midwife and go through all the options of dealing with the pain. It's good t... Read More »

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Does having a baby hurt when you are 11?

It hurts no matter what age you are, but all women experience a different level of pain during childbirth. There are a lot of different pain relief options available

Can having a yeast infection during pregnancy hurt the baby inside the womb or at birth?

Answer It could coplicate your pregnancy as well as cause general discomfort. A trip to you nurse practioner, doctor or local health dept can easily solve this problem for you.

Has any link been suggested between a baby having had blue baby syndrome and later at 3 yrs having epilepsy?

No as the blue baby is caused by a whole in the heart, and not epilepsy.

Does it hurt having a tattoo?

It depends on the location of the tattoo, the size and time required and the overall skill of the artist. Some artists have a heavy hand and tattooing tends to hurt a bit more in general. Some plac... Read More »