Does having a baby as a teen alter a mother's life?

Answer Answer having a baby alters anyone's life, but being a teen is even harder. they haven't had the chance to "grow up" yet, they're still experiencing their "fun years". Sometimes, they are resentfu... Read More »

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I am having a baby via surrogate mother do intended mothers get maternity leave?

Usually not. Maternity leave is technically medical leave. New mothers are out on leave for 6-8 weeks to heal, per the OB's orders. You would be entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid FLMA leave. Check wit... Read More »

How much higher do mothers between the ages of 30 and 35 have an increased chance of having a left-handed baby -?

a better question to ask would be, "what are the odds of a giving birth to a naturally left-handed child at any age?" figure out what causes something, then work on probability

What does the government do for teen mothers?

AnswerWell in Australia if you are over 16 you will receive $3000 up front, for each child born, when you go into Centre Link to let them know that you have given birth. If under 16 the $3000 will ... Read More »

What problems does teen mothers face?

Mostly diaper expenses, not being able to finish school and keep up with your job. its very normal for teen moms to face these issues....... hope i answered you question:)