Does hard booting a PC alot ruin the components ?

Answer not really.. they are built for this purpose, most hardware has a typical life expectancy rated in thousands of hours.

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How do I Stop a Dell Motherboard Searching for a Second Hard Drive on Booting Up?

If your Dell motherboard is searching for a non-existent second hard drive during the boot process, this means that your primary boot device is set to this hard drive. Your Dell motherboard will co... Read More »

My Hard Drive is not showing up in the bios and isn't booting but i can hear it spinning ?

I had a similar problem once, and it was the cable. But it could bethat the drive is bad, but I doubt that since it's not that old. Try usinganother cable, and if you don't have one, use a differen... Read More »

Will turning my hard drive on and off continuously ruin It?

Is 6gb of hard drive alot?

Not really. Most computers come with 60, 80, 100+gb drives nowadays..