Does hanging yourself leave bruises?

Answer It largely depends on the time that the deceased has been hanging.If Lizzie was found immediately after she died, she wouldn't likely have significant bruising or ligature marks on her neck. If sh... Read More »

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What should you do if your dad hits you sometimes and doesn't leave bad bruises?

If your father hits you repeatedly, you should get help right away. You must tell an adult, like your mother, your uncle, your cousin, or a teacher, or the police. If they tell you it's nothing, ke... Read More »

Can you survive hanging yourself?

It is possible. most of the time when a person hangs themselves,their neck either snaps causing the spinal cord to break in which you die instantly or their neck doesn't snap but they have no way o... Read More »

How to Cope on Days When You Feel Like Hanging Yourself?

Getting through the life's darker periods takes a lot of courage and effort. Focusing on achievable goals is one way to a better life. Getting energized and empowered by your achievements is the ke... Read More »

How to Protect Yourself from the Dangers That Hurricanes Leave Behind?

Protecting your health and safety are just as important after a hurricane as during a hurricane. Hurricanes leave a number of dangers behind. Here are some tips for preventing illness, injury, and ... Read More »