Does hair replacement surgery work?

Answer On One Hand: It Usually WorksAccording to the Solve Your Problem website, hair transplants "usually" work. Hair is taken from one part of a person's head where it is abundant and moved to the area ... Read More »

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How much does hair replacement surgery cost?

Hair replacement surgery involves a hair transplanting procedure. The average cost of this treatment is about $3 to $8 per graft, with $5 to $6 per graft being about average in 2009. With other cos... Read More »

What is port replacement surgery in Lap-Band surgery?

Gastric banding (brand name Lap-Band) and gastric bypass are the most common bariatric surgeries used to control chronic obesity in individuals who have failed to lose weight by other means. Both t... Read More »

If you had a surgery from lifting at work and did not claim workman's comp with another surgery can you file?

Why is there so much hip replacement surgery?

There are a lot of hip replacements for several reasons:--Our population is aging and osteoarthritis is a disease of aging. We live longer, our joints stiffen up, and we will not settle for a life... Read More »