Does hair absorb oil?

Answer On One Hand: Hair Cleans Oil Spills on WaterHuman hair is porous, and oil seeps into its outer layer. According to the Patent Storm website, 1 lb. of human hair is capable of absorbing about 5 lbs.... Read More »

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Why Does Hair Absorb Oil?

The BMW 535i, a member of the 5 Series BMWs, was introduced in 1985 to replace the 533i and remains one of the most popular models in the series. Although today's models carry a price tag exceeding... Read More »

When plants such as watermelon absorb water do they also absorb bacteria or other contaminates?

No. If a plant is growing in contaminated soil or is watered with contaminated water, the contaminants can persist on the flesh of the fruit, so its important to wash it thoroughly and peel it befo... Read More »

How to Make Hair Absorb Dye More?

For certain people -- regardless of how closely they follow the directions included with their coloring kit -- their hair simply will not retain color. Before coloring your hair, you must prepare ... Read More »

Does black absorb light?

Black absorbs light of every frequency instead of reflecting it. The color of an object is the wavelength of light that it reflects while absorbing all other wavelengths. The reflected light is wha... Read More »