Does hacking makes you feel like god?

Answer Hacking (good) and Cracking (bad) are two different things. Make sure you understand the difference. Hacking gives you a sense of accomplishment. It's not about a 'sense of power'. That is more... Read More »

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What does an alcohol Buzz feel like What's being drunk feel like?

"Buzz" is relaxed. "Drunk" is a bad roller coaster.

What does marijuana make you feel like what does it feel like to be high?

Weed is pretty exaggerated in most movies, it actually pisses me off.It affects everyone differently. When you smoke marijuana it sort of "amplifies" your senses and changes your perception. The fi... Read More »

Is there a iphone 4 case which makes it look and feel like a 3G?

Soft reset your iPhone (turn off and turn back on) If that doesnt work try hard reseting you iPhone (hold down sleep/wake button and home button until the apple logo apears- don't worry it doesn't... Read More »

During the first trimester of pregnancy can you feel the baby and if so what does it feel like?

Answer Most likely you will not feel the baby move until the 2nd trimester. If you felt the baby move in the first trimester, it would be in the 3rd month and you would feel a little tickle or flut... Read More »