Does grinding oats...?

Answer Steel cut oats are the least processed. Everything else tends to be pre-steamed. So definitely go steel cut when possible for the best chance of getting the most nutrition. And yes, you can pre-... Read More »

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Is there a difference between quick oats and old-fashioned oats, healthwise?

Not much that I can see:…Scroll down in the drop down menu to find Quick Oats.

Difference in Quaker's Quick Oats and Old-fashioned Oats?

Oats provide plenty of nutritional benefits in a convenient, whole grain package. Oatmeal consists of oats cooked in some form of liquid until they soften. Eating oatmeal for breakfast or lunch kee... Read More »

Why does my 4 wheeler make a grinding nose?

could be anything from bad piston rings to gearbox to breaks rubbing. Try to pinpoint the location of the grinding, and go from there. Change the oil too. If there's metal shavings in there, you'll... Read More »

Does stress contribute to grinding your teeth at night?

Yes. I believe a dentist can give you a night guard, or you can buy one at the drugstore, but grinding a lot - like I do - ultimately loosens your teeth and messes them up and puts a lot of stress... Read More »