Does green tea have a nice flavour?

Answer It's an acquired taste, but in my honest opinion, It doesn't taste bad. However, if you don't like it but desperately need an alternative, try herbal tea (mint and chammomile are really good. Even ... Read More »

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Is green tea nice?

Green tea is delicious! And it can definitely help you with your goal of achieving a flat stomach. If you'd like to make your tea more palatable, you can try adding lemon (dried or fresh) or honey.... Read More »

Does my eye colour sound nice Grey and green all in one( u can tell the difference) read down...?

you sound lucky! i love grey eyes anyway but mixed with green sounds pretty special :)

Does anyone know how to turn an overgrown field into a nice green lawn without major expense?

Mow it down...can make a first pass with a weed wacker if necessary...then rake it up or mulch it.Put Round up on it. Wait for it to take effect, see directions.After plants and existing grass is ... Read More »

Is this a nice combination, natural dark brown hair with midnight black highlights and greyish green eyes!?

I don't know how you add black highlights? Highlights are a lighter color to highlight your natural color. Your eyes sound very pretty. Green and grey are two of my favorite eye colors, and togethe... Read More »