Does green tea bring out spots?

Answer Nothing that we consume can bring out spots.

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How to Bring Out Green Eyes?

Truly green eyes are found in only 2 percent of the population. Make your rare eyes pop by choosing complementary makeup colors and clothing. Determine the correct shade of green to get the best ac... Read More »

I have little bright green spots on my computer screen.?

Are you using a laptop or desktop? If you are on a laptop, plug it in to an external moniter. If it appears there than it my be a card issue, if not then it is just your laptop screen. If on a desk... Read More »

What plant has green-leaf with pink spots?

This plant is Hypoestes phyllostachy. It is a warm climate plant and is generally used as a container plant or house plant in Northern regions.

How can I stop my leaves on my rosebush from turning yellow with green spots?

READ ME FIRST! 1. you can't stop yellow leaves. 2. you are wrong, you have NO disease.first, i am a state certified master gardener for over 15 years, and need to be recertified each year. i ha... Read More »