Does green tea bring out spots?

Answer Nothing that we consume can bring out spots.

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How to Bring Out Green Eyes?

Truly green eyes are found in only 2 percent of the population. Make your rare eyes pop by choosing complementary makeup colors and clothing. Determine the correct shade of green to get the best ac... Read More »

What plant has green-leaf with pink spots?

This plant is Hypoestes phyllostachy. It is a warm climate plant and is generally used as a container plant or house plant in Northern regions.

I have little bright green spots on my computer screen.?

Are you using a laptop or desktop? If you are on a laptop, plug it in to an external moniter. If it appears there than it my be a card issue, if not then it is just your laptop screen. If on a desk... Read More »

Why do tomatos get black spots on the bottom of them while they are green and still on the vine?

blossom end rot. hits certain types more then others. leaf roll, end rot and cracked fruit are all physiological. you control if you get them or not. uneven watering (letting them get to dry be... Read More »