Does green go with purple?

Answer On One Hand: Green Goes with Purple In Color Theory.Green and purple are considered to be a good color combination according to color theory. In color theory the two colors are called a "near compl... Read More »

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How do I Decorate With the Colors Purple, Green & Turquoise?

Home decorating is something just about anyone can do, and mixing shades of purple, green and turquoise makes the process even easier with the abundance of home decor available in those colors. Whe... Read More »

My period blood is green with tints of purple in it?

That is actually so strange! I don't think that this is real, you're either hallucinating. You should definitely see a doctor, whether you're hallucinating or not, because who's period is green wit... Read More »

Why aren't people born with purple, blue, or green hair?

The melanin in your hair is brownish colored. Hair color depends on the amount of melanin, so dark hair has lots of it, and light hair has less.I guess it doesn't come in blue and green, but that w... Read More »

With a purple sofa, a yellow recliner, and a forest green love seat, what color do I paint the living room?

RAINBOW PAINT (that way you have ALL the colors)!!!