Does green go with purple?

Answer On One Hand: Green Goes with Purple In Color Theory.Green and purple are considered to be a good color combination according to color theory. In color theory the two colors are called a "near compl... Read More »

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How is it possible that Green and White = Purple?

I think the time of day affects what color the mountains appear to be. maybe they're purple in the morning or something because the light is kind of blue and red at dawn. there could be tons of lig... Read More »

Purple & Green Bedroom Ideas?

Your bedroom is a haven--a private retreat where you can relax, unwind and enjoy solitude. When decorating this space, consider using colors that complement one another, such as green and purple. D... Read More »

The colour on my tv has gone green pink and purple..why?

Well, if you still have all 3 colors Red, Green and Blue.....your Crt picture tubes are ok, and it's likely you have a PROJECTION CRT TV ..... If so, it's the Convergence amps and they generally r... Read More »

Purple Vs. Green Lasers in Astronomy?

Red laser pointers used to be the only kind available. In recent years, green laser pointers became available, shortly followed by purple/blue/violet laser pointers (the same color as laser in Blu-... Read More »