Does green cleaning an office reduce sickness?

Answer On One Hand: Sick Building SyndromeSick Building Syndrome (SBS) was first identified in the 1960s, when it was revealed that volatile organic compounds from furniture and carpeting, poor lighting, ... Read More »

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How to Bid on Office Cleaning Jobs?

Once you decide on the geographical range that your business can sustain, it is time to research the competition. Call other cleaning services in the vicinity to find out how much they charge for t... Read More »

How much should you charge for office cleaning?

The average rate of one day of office cleaning for a small office is between $20 and $30, sometimes $45-$65 in some states. The amount depends on how many times a week you offer your services and h... Read More »

Office Cleaning Rules?

Typically, office buildings have janitorial staff who clean the offices and bathrooms. If you are interested in starting this sort of business, a few rules of etiquette will help you maintain a goo... Read More »

What is the going rate for cleaning an office?

It depends on the square footage of the office. The formula for getting the rate of each job can be found at It has an office cleaning square footage price chart.