Does grass grow in sand?

Answer Grasses, also known as graminoids, are among the most versatile life forms that exist, with the ability to grow in numerous conditions, from desert to rain forest and from soil to sand.TypesThere a... Read More »

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How to Grow Pasture Grass in the Sand?

Persistent floods in the summer of 2010 damaged many pastures and hay meadows across the state of Iowa. These damaged areas often were covered in sand that was deposited by the flood waters. In ord... Read More »

How to Grow Grass in Sand or Gravel Conditions?

A troublesome patch of sand or gravel needs not lay barren. Preparing sand and gravel to become a lawn requires little more than hard work and a willingness to get dirty. Encourage grass in the rig... Read More »

I removed the sand under the above ground pool now what What do I need to do to grow grass?

The house I moved into years ago had left over sand from their pool. You need to add top soil. If sand stays on top the grass will not be able to grow a good root system. If you have traffic on tha... Read More »

Does the sand from the swimming pool pump hurt the grass?

The sand contained in a sand pump does not come out unless there is a problem with the pump or valves. If there is a leak, water could spill out along with some sand. Water and sand on the lawn cou... Read More »