Does grass fertilizer burn?

Answer Fertilizer provides a way for your lawn to soak up nutrients. But, used incorrectly, it can also burn the grass. This "burn" refers to the dehydration of the grass roots or the actual blades of gra... Read More »

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How often should i put fertilizer on grass?

Most granular fertilizers are slow release and should be applied once every two months (8 weeks).

How do I use 18-8-18 as a grass starter fertilizer?

Finding the Right Fertilizer RatioUse a home soil test kit and follow the package instructions for testing the soil. Check your fertilizer ratio which is the N, P205, K20 number given to you by ... Read More »

Starter Grass Fertilizer?

Establishing a new lawn or simply patching up certain areas can be accomplished by applying new grass seed or sod. It is beneficial to lay a starter fertilizer before either seeding or laying sod t... Read More »

How do I fix grass I burned with fertilizer?

WaterInspect your burned grass. If you see dry fertilizer granules where fertilizer spilled, vacuum the granules up or rake them into nearby grass. This thins out the remaining fertilizer. Water th... Read More »